Arbol Spanish was started in 2021 to provide free lessons for Advanced Spanish students. These lessons will take you from the point where you finished your Advanced Spanish coursebook (whichever one you used) and bring you to a real Conversational Spanish level.

We are funded by ads (so don’t turn them off unless you want to deprive us of revenue) and Patreon. That is how the website can be free to use while we work to create lessons.


The basic idea with these advanced lessons is that you aim for 80% comprehension. In order to be conversational you need to learn a huge amount of vocabulary, but each of the thousands of words you eventually will learn will only come up once a day or week or month. You don’t need to master them all right away.

Use our lessons to increase your vocabulary and comprehension of the meaning of phrases and sentences, but don’t try to master perfectly each word or sentence we use. The goal is that, overall, you will catch the 80% that is easiest for you to catch, plus get better familiarity with the 20% that you don’t grasp so readily. Over time, you will increase your 80% of a large amount of lessons, and the other 20% will come eventually.

Also, if you are new here and are going to view all our pages, you might consider starting at our oldest posts, because later we will assume you have already seen that vocabulary. For example, in our second blog post we practice the word ‘resarcirse,’ but when that word comes up later in other blogs we probably won’t practice it again, since we already know it.