Notes for Vloggers: When You Present, Remember…

Never say anything negative, never say anything political, religious or sexual. Never confuse people by talking about two often-confused topics in the same video. Don’t talk about ‘ser’ and ‘estar’ together, or ‘izquierdo’ and ‘derecho’ or … Your student needs your discipline, so be serious and forceful often to set the pace. To become really fluent and speak proper Spanish is a real challenge that involves serious practice, energy and time. There is no other way to get there. Be a disciplinarian and tough with anyone who wants to do this. However, never scare them or overburden them by referencing the multitude of things they have to learn, but decide the one thing they will learn today, provide an excellent lesson plan for this.

  1. Your student is just sitting down to eat a nice meal
  2. Your student is attracted to attractive things, and turned away by offputting things
  3. Your student has a busy life
  4. Your student is very serious about learning Spanish
  5. Your student is going to try to master speaking in Spanish
  6. Your student is learning to speak politely
  7. Your student needs to learn to understand when native Spanish speakers speak at regular speed and with regular accents and slang, but must hear slightly clearer versions in order to bridge the gap between hearing incoherent sounds and distinguishable words
  8. Your student is a family learning Spanish together

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