Spanish Language Learning Books

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The Ultimate Spanish Language Books collection to Learn Starting from Zero

Pens. One of our favorite sets of pens, in a small set and a larger set.

Regular printer paper (regular thickness, not thick cardstock which is below). We use ‘natural’ unbleached paper and ‘bright’ white paper, but below we also have a link to pastel-colored paper (if you click the link you can select from 12 different pastel colors). Note the prices are sometime for 1 pack of 500 sheets, sometimes for a 3-pack 1500 sheets.

Cardstock paper for making flashcards. We use pastel colors rather than the bright ones (Amazon often refers to them as Easter colors but they’re just paler pastels). There’s a 5- and a 10-color package. There’s also an unbleached “brown craft” stock. And if you click the “Cream Pastel” one, you can select from about 12 individual colors, including white.

Paper cutters for cutting flashcards. We use just the inexpensive plastic one, but if you want to cut a lot more cards at a time, or heavy duty paper, there’s the metal option.

If you want to label things with their word in the language you’re learning, these are nice-sized round labels. If you click them, below them it will also suggest other sizes and shapes you can pick from.

These electronic pen readers/scanners are used by language learners. You scan them over some words to hear how the words are pronounced. Some of them are mainly used just for that purpose. Others also have the ability to scan text to a file, but that kind doesn’t seem to be available very often. There are cheaper options on Amazon which are not made by C-pen, but they often require an internet connection to even function (and which is also a privacy vulnerability). The C-pen we have doesn’t require internet connection. They have audio jacks to put headphones into.